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Be the Action Hero of Your Own Life

There’s a big difference between an action hero and a super hero. A super hero is…well, super, with powers than transcend mere mortal capability. An action hero is you or me, with the ability to step into our authentic power and own our bad-assness. It’s anyone who says Enough! and moves forward, despite the uncertainty of where the path will lead. It’s equal parts pure potential, no f&*%s left to give, and forward motion.

And with a little nudge, it could be you.

From Vision to Reality….Holding You Accountable at Every Stop Along the Way

You know what you have to do. You may even know how to do it. Yet, here you are, surfing the web rather than setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and taking action.

Why? Rather than envisioning our success, we get sucked into the logistical maze of administrative drama, destroying any potential for fun, and leaving us paralyzed by inertia. The passion we first feel for a project dissolves. The brain shuts down, replacing “fun” with “have to do.” Resistance becomes procrastination. We prioritize ourselves low on our “to do” list, making our own needs “nice to have” rather than mandatory. A vicious cycle of distractions and I’ll just get up early and do it tomorrow erupts. Tomorrow never comes.

Rather than riding the barrel over the falls, grab the rope. Let’s rein in your brain, interrupt self-sabotaging patterns, and take action in order to make what you want your reality.


Productivity Doesn’t Have to Be Dull.

Our greatest lessons on creating what we want can be found anywhere…
even in a dive bar.

Watch my TEDx Talk

Productivity Doesn’t Have to Be Dull.

Our greatest lessons on creating what we want can be found anywhere…
even in a dive bar.

Watch my TEDx Talk

Let’s Do This! Improving Your Productivity ASAP


Creating teams where communication is King. Our productivity workshops create synergy, challenge the status quo, and allow you to find your best solutions fast.


Get out of your own damn way by understanding the “why” behind your current action (…or lack thereof), the “how” behind your impending transformation, and the actionable steps that will bridge tomorrow with today.



Need some flexibility? Work at your own pace, but stay on task with our virtual accountability project.

“No one is meant to accomplish things on their own…if it wasn’t for Ellen’s group, I wouldn’t have been able to start my conservatory and get all the things done that I did this past year. She really helped me move my life forward.”

Israel S.


“Ellen really engaged the group and kept our interest! Her time went by much too fast. By far one of our best speakers. She gave us good info to take with us and specific actions we could implement immediately.”

Cynthia B.

Sales Director

“Learning systems I could follow, and knowing that the support was there from Ellen and the group really helped me to get things done. I loved it!”

Tricia C.