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  When it Comes to Getting Sh*t Done,

       What Type of Action Hero are You?

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Take the quiz to learn

 When it Comes to Getting Sh*t Done,

       What Type of Action Hero are You?

                          …and join my VIP newsletter list!

I haven’t always been an action hero.

For 20 years, I ran my own creative business. I loved it at first. Yet, with mastery came complacency. I’d reached my peak and was slowly slipping down the other side of the hill. Many days while waiting for the muse to strike, I would become engrossed in the online world of endless clicks, sucked into a rabbit hole of distractions.

I almost got myself fired.

Bored and unfulfilled, I became addicted to my current situation rather than taking the steps towards my own evolution. Like many people, my catalyst for change came when I hit bottom, nearly fired from a long-term contract because of my inability to stop procrastinating. It was my wake-up call.

So I asked myself:  why?

Powerless and frustrated, I began to ask why. Why couldn’t I stay on task or finish on time? I began to study procrastination, and the answers came like lightening: my brain. Neuroscience holds not only the answer as to why we stay stuck, but the formula for what we should do instead. By working with our natural human habits rather than fighting against them, we can create a game plan to squash procrastination and step out of our own damn way.

My understanding can help YOU.

Understanding my own experience allowed me to create a new result. As your Action Instigator and Accountability Partner, I will do the same for you.

“Think of me as your Middle-Aged Action Hero. The one who can identify the issue, and whisk you swiftly to the solution, all while teaching you how to fly on your own.”


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