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I work with individuals and organizations alike to broaden perspectives, create possibilities, and deliver results. With an arsenal full of tools, we’ll design an action plan to increase output, double profits, and never leave you wondering where your time went.

Individual Accountability

Get out of your own damn way with a roadmap and actionable steps. We’ll bust through the limiting beliefs and self-sabotage in one foul swoop. Warning: you won’t be playing small. Together we’ll address the crux of your productivity problem, and allow you to shine. The approach is part science and part strategy. We’ll redirect you, and create new habits, which ultimately lead to personal victory.

Group Success

If you enjoy the synergy that results from a team, our small group sessions may be your ticket. Benefit from the individual approach of coaching while learning from your teammates, too. We’ll tackle common problems that impact us all, while personalizing the approach that best meets your needs. Prepare to transform triggers into a wake-up call, while reintroducing fun into “high-functioning.”

Organizational Development

Whether team building or executive coaching, we focus on productivity by shifting perspectives and shedding light in the dark corners that have previously gone untapped. We formulate a plan to drive collaboration, communication, synergy, focus, and results, by increasing productivity, and elevating harmony. Your team will function like a well-oiled machine, driving towards deadline, and creating previously unfathomable results.


Change your world in the comfort of your own living room. If you’re a go-solo type who likes to learn in your own time, we have just the ticket. Move further and faster with online support that shifts your perspective, and creates space for rapid growth. Kick start your productivity transformation with the concepts that make a difference.

“I work with individuals and organizations alike to design action plans that broaden perspectives, create possibilities, and deliver results.”


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Creating teams where communication is King. Our productivity workshops create synergy, challenge the status quo, and allow you to find your best solutions fast.


Get out of your own damn way by understanding the “why” behind your current action (…or lack thereof), the “how” behind your impending transformation, and the actionable steps that will bridge tomorrow with today.



Need some flexibility? Work at your own pace, but stay on task with our virtual accountability project.