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 When it Comes to Getting Sh*t Done,

       What Type of Action Hero are You?

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Take the quiz to learn

 When it Comes to Getting Sh*t Done,

      What Type of Action Hero are You?

                           …and join my VIP newsletter list!

What people are saying…

“I had the pleasure of personally meeting with Ellen after I invited her to be a guest speaker for our Creative Guild Group. Ellen was able to break through to the core of the issues of the topic Kick Procrastination to the Curb for Creatives: Take Back Your Time in a loving and charismatic manner that left us in a much more content place. From our interactions and my perception, Ellen’s clarity and caring show through in everything she says and does. Ellen’s vision and mission help others understand how we all should kick procrastination in a very effective and easy way.”
Elo Marc

Graphic Designer - Rebranding Expert

“Ellen really engaged the group and kept our interest! Her time went by much too fast. By far one of our best speakers. She gave us good info to take with us and specific actions we could implement immediately.”
Cynthia B.

Sales Director

“No one is meant to accomplish things on their own…if it wasn’t for Ellen’s group, I wouldn’t have been able to start my conservatory and get all the things done that I did this past year. She really helped me move my life forward.”
Israel S.


“Learning systems I could follow, and knowing that the support was there from Ellen and the group really helped me to get things done. I loved it!”
Tricia C.


“Think of me as your Middle-Aged Action Hero. The one who can identify the issue, and whisk you swiftly to the solution, all while teaching you how to fly on your own.”


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